Day 2 / 3: I break the Fast. Sort of

“Isn’t your wrist ligament sprained? And your knee too?”


“Are you sure it’s a smart thing to be willingly fasting now? Your body needs all the nutrients it can get to heal up,”



Many Christians, and anyone who has fasted really, would probably encourage me to maintain the fast, to press and and pray and believe that God will provide and et cetera. However, I believe the Lord has given us a mind to use, and wisdom to know how to live our lives. True, a measure of faith is always required, but I lack the faith to believe that God would be well pleased with me doing something like this.


Yesterday, I prayed for Daniel once more. That he would have strength. Today, I saw how drained and weary he was from the Bondue Camp, and it made me uneasy. How do I interpret this, that God did not answer my prayers, or that I did not pray hard enough, or that I was not righteous enough? Worse, I saw Deborah a complete wreck.

Tonight, before I sleep, here I am writing this blog post to make sure that I remember. I’ll pray for the both of them. I’ll maintain my fast, somehow, without compromising on the healing of my body. May God grant me wisdom… 


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